Saturday, August 12, 2006

...And finally, Boston

From Bar Harbor, Maine we began our trek home, with a final stop in Boston to take in the city for an afternoon. Shopping, lunch at the "Cheers" bar and a walk around the Pier. We even did the Freedom Trail and showed the kids the Paul Revere House. Both said "Paul Who?"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday was Whale Watching Day

We got on a really big, really fast boat and sat up front. Doing 45 knots, we went 25 miles out into the ocean to this little lighthouse island operated by the U.S. Fishing and Wildlife Service. This is where the Puffins are nesting and preparing to lay their eggs. From there we went off to some spots to find whales. We spotted three Humpback Whales and got a good show from one of them. We were on the ocean for about 4 1/2 hours. Thank god for the galley in the main cabin.

Acadia National Park - Mt. Desert Island

After a good meal and a good night's sleep, we visited Acadia National Park on Wednesday. Gorgeous. Drove up to the summit of the Highest peak on the Northeast coast, Cadillac Mountain. Only Mt. Washington is higher, I believe... at 6500 feet. Took the circle tour - a 32 mile trek around the park.

That evening we found a fun bar & grill called Geddy's. We went back a few times so Liam could get his Oreo shake and a Pirates' Pie(chili poured into a bag of Fritos chips.) Right across the street from our hotel, a Celtic band from Milwaukee was performing on the street, and they were really good. Most of the help in the hotels, restaurants, shops, etc were kids from Russia and Quebec who come over each summer to work. Very interesting.

Welcome to Bah Habah 2

Welcome to Bah Habah

We said our goodbyes to Dick and Linda and the Fabulous B&B called 16 Beach Street in Ogunquit. From there it was an eight-hour drive up the coastal highway to Bar Harbor. But along the way we stopped in Rockland to see the Wyeth Museum (it was closed for the day) and then we took a side trip to Bailey Island to eat at the famous Cook's Lobster House - made famous in a Visa commercial a few years back. By the time we arrived in Bar Harbor, we were tired hungry and as we came to find out, at a hotel that lost our reservation. It was all straightened out though.

Day Three: Marginal Way & Perkins Cove

There was a walkway called the Marginal Way that meandered along a ridge above the beach for a couple of miles and came out into Perkins Cove - a tiny marina, lobster dock and shopping area - just a couple of miles south of Kennebunkport and the Bush compound. We ate at Barnacle Billy's Lobster shack, said to be Bush Senior's favorite spot after fishing, and the kids sat at the President's favorite table.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day two: Ogunquit Maine

When we arrived in Ogunquit Maine, Dick and Linda were there waiting for us on the porch. We dropped off the luggage and headed straight for the beach. Rated one of the top ten beaches in the country, Ogunquit's beach was really something to see.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The first stop, Niagra

Up at five and on the road at six a.m., we were pretty ragged.

Liam made a friend at Niagra

Liam and I at the bottom of the falls. You can't tell here but the mist spray soaked everyone

On the way to Syracuse, Chloe crashed for a while.

At Tim Horton's for an 8:00 am breakfast.

The Weather at Niagra was 82 and beautiful.
It's hard to tell here but the Falls were packed, packed with tourists